[Some character work. – Editor’s note]

I am the Enforcer; and my poor boots are grunting against the hot summer asphalt. I’m running like mad.

The hum of off-roaders (behind me) is quiet. The squeaking of their tires—and old suspension—on the other hand, is just as loud and obnoxious as the shouts of frustration accompanying.

Those stupid soldiers don’t give up.

Running through a crowded city wearing a black trench-coat emblazoned with a silver shield is the last thing most people would consider enjoying on a mid-year day—and not just because there’s a sun blazing down from above that’s probably just as annoyed with it’s presence as I am. I don’t enjoy it either. Not the sun. Nor the near death experiences every few seconds. Nor the aching in my legs and feet that seem to let those lovely experiences creep a bit closer for every ticking of a clock.


I enjoy conquering. And for that, I put up with all of the minor inconveniences that come with sweating beneath this great black coat, playing chicken with capture (and torture), and trusting my human body to not fail under the greatest amount of pressure.

Oh, and I’m actually a living piece of meat being dangled in front of whoever is chasing me, doing my best to keep them hopeful that they’ll actually catch me at some point.

This was my idea.


I am the Enforcer. My boots hang in tatters on my feet. I’m running myself mad.

The cicadas outside are humming the night to sleep. Humming everything to sleep to give death a chance to do its thing. Obnoxious, frustrating, death.

Stupid soldier, don’t you dare give up.

I don’t mind running through the streets at night, wearing a trench-coat emblazoned with a silver shield. But, even without the sun scorching down, every step near death, every grazing dodge, pushes the ache even deeper into my legs and feet.


It’s not fun putting up with all of the “minor inconveniences” of sweating beneath a barely good enough heavy black coat, playing chicken with capture, trusting my human body to stay standing. Just standing.

I’m a living piece of meat, doing my best to catch a machine before it catches me.

This was my idea.

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