[Some character work. - Editor's note] I am the Enforcer; and my poor boots are grunting against the hot summer asphalt. I'm running like mad. The hum of off-roaders (behind me) is quiet. The squeaking of their tires—and old suspension—on the other hand, is just as loud and obnoxious as the shouts of frustration accompanying. … Continue reading Mirror



Spent. They spent me. I'm a walking shell, echos bouncing around my paper-thin soul—echoes of the lost, the deaf ringing in the air, and the silent cries of pain as metal cuts through flesh. They found my spent body curled in a ball, cheek resting in the mud, fist clenched around the chains of dozens … Continue reading Fine.


[In honor of a dear friend who recently passed away.- Editorial Note] Lou walks among the moving pillars, commenting on balance, weight, and leverage. She strikes her palm against the uniform extension of fists, testing strength, searching for weakness, giving physical feedback. Thank you, Lou. I close my eyes, soaking in the calm snap of … Continue reading Goodbye…