Game On (Part 2 of Game or Life)

In a cement room, sitting just beneath a massive capture the flag stadium, Kenneth stood in front of his locker. Inside the locker was his exoskeleton. Instead of taking it out, and putting it on, he turned around, and walked over to the doorway. In the hallway just to his left, a security guard stood, … Continue reading Game On (Part 2 of Game or Life)


Game Over (Part 1 of Game or Life)

In a valley between the Rockies, beneath a brightening sun, where the wind speaks if you listen, and the grass is cropped short, Kenneth, a fifteen year old boy strode out onto an obstacle covered  game field. Only, I’m not sure you could call it striding. The white and blue exoskeleton covering him from head … Continue reading Game Over (Part 1 of Game or Life)